Small repairs

Small repairs

You need a competent person to carry out all the little works and small repairs for which it is not necessary to involve a craftsman?
In Luxembourg at 4Yourhome you will find a handyman who will meet your needs in house maintenance , will realize your decorating ideas and carry out all stages of DIY and repairs you are unable to realize by yourself.

Simple repairs, small jobs, renovation, previously defined jobs. We are here to facilitate your daily life. Get in touch with us and we will send you a quote for your works.

The + of 4yourhome: we are getting all the necessary material for you that is needed to get the job done!

• Change bulbs difficult to access.
• Replace fuses.
• Change switches.
• Change electrical outlets.
• Light connections.
• Replace lamp sockets.
• Change halogen dimmer’s…

Small plumbing
• Repair leaking’s.
• Change silicon seals in bathroom or kitchen.
• Replacing faucets and toilets.
• Change toilet seats.
• Connect washing machines.
• Bleed radiators.
• Change a radiator bleed

Interior works and repairs
• Realize internal paintings.
• Lay wooden floor and carpet.
• Remove your old wallpaper and paint or replace it instead.
• Plug the holes of a wall.
• Set wall units (mural memo pads, decoration items, wardrobes, …).
• Set kitchen units.
• Install a furniture kit.
• Shelving.
• Change or place blinds or curtains.
• Hang paintings and chandeliers.
• Move furniture.
• Insulate attics.
• Empty attics and cellar storage